Emilia – one of the most beautiful faces and one of the most melodious voices in the Bulgarian music. Her repertoire includes her own pop and pop-folk music, songs with Balkan sounding, as well as folklore-based folk songs. As an alumnus of the music school in Shiroka Laka, Emilia possesses an excellent talent in the sphere of the folk singing. She performs masterfully songs from the Thracia, Rodopi, Shop and Strandzha regions, using her high, soft and warm singing voice. Because of her outstanding performance of ballads, she is often called the “angel’s voice” of the Bulgarian pop-folk music.
Born in the minors’ town of Galabovo in 1982, at 12 years of age she begins studying folk singing under the tutorage of Zhivka Kazakova and Dimitar Kolev. After that she continues her training in the profiled school of music for young talents in Shiroka Laka. Three years later the young singer signs a contract with music company “Payner” and becomes a part of the family of the biggest music agency in Bulgaria. During the years Emilia is a regular performer at Payner’s famous big summer tours – concerts, held at the stadiums of the larger cities in the country. She is a singer with an extensive experience, both in Bulgaria, as well as abroad in Macedonia, Romania, Turkey, Great Britain, Austria, Spain, Australia, Greece, the USA and Russia.

Emilia has 3 children. On April 7, 2008, she became a mother of her first child, Ivan, and on October 3, 2016, she gave birth to Mira, who, according to everyone, is her copy.
Since 2018, the singer has been happily married to businessman George Bashur, who is a great support and exceptional support in the professional part of Emilia’s life as well. On 10.02.2022, Georgina was born, who is the fruit of their great love.

She is one of the most preferred popular faces in Bulgaria for photo-sessions (the magazines “MAXIMUM”, “The Woman today”, “ELLE”, “FHM”, etc.), tv clips and ads – “MASTIKA PESHTERA”, and also playing in tv series – “Отплата” (Retribution”) on NOVA TV, in addition to being the face of several Bulgarian clothing brands and others for many years. An angel’s voice, encanting vision and perfect style form the overall image of the talented performer. Her audacious decisions and her transformations into them, combined with the singer’s great talent, are in complete harmony with her life motto: “The brave have it all”.

Published albums
2001 – “Happy Girl” „Весело момиче“ CD/MC
2002 – “Tender Lips”„Нежни устни“ CD/MC
2004 – “Angel in the Night”„Ангел в нощта“ CD/MC
2005 – “Lonely Room”„Самотна стая“ CD/MC
2006 – “Think about me”„Мисли за мен“ CD/MC
2006 – Best Video Collection DVD
2007 – BEST BALLADS “Kiss me” „Целувай ме“ CD/MC
2008 – “I was born to love you” „Родена съм да те обичам“ CD/MC
2010 – “I like that” „Така ми харесва“ CD/MC
2012 – “The Brave Have It All” „Смелите си имат всичко“ CD/MC
2015 – “Ah, beautiful Bulgaria” „Ех, Българийо красива“ CD/MC

1999 – “Trakia Folk” „Тракия фолк“ – Award for Debut.
2002 – “Pirin Folk” – Jury’s second place award for the song “Prayer for the Bulgarian kids” „Молитва за децата на България“.
2003 – “Trakia Folk” – jury’s winner’s award and third place audience award for the song “Legend for the Love”
2003 – The song “Crazy Love” „Безумна любов” with Nidal Kaysar is TV “Planeta” and magazine “New Folk” duet of the year.
2005 – Samsung award at TV “Planeta” Annual Awards.
2006 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – “2 BE” award, “Planeta Payner” Clubs Award.
2007 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Most attractive media presence.
2008 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards- Most attractive media presence.
2009 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Artistic presence of a performer in a video clip.
2009 – “New Folk” Magazine Annual Awards – Radio Romantika award for most played romantic performer.
2008 – “New Folk” Magazine Annual Awards – Vocal Mastery Award.
2010 – “New Folk” Magazine Annual Awards – Best live performance.
2010 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Artistic presence in a video clip.
2010 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Ambassador of the Bulgarian music.
2011 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Ballade hit “Sinner”„Грешница“.
2011 – “New Folk” Magazine Annual Awards – Cover version of the year – “The Brave Have It All” „Смелите си имат всичко“.
2012 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Album of the year – “The Brave Have It All” „Смелите си имат всичко“.
2013 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Artistic presence in a video clip – “You’re my only one” – „Ти си ми“.
2013 – Signal.bg Award – Video clip of the year “You’re my only one” „Ти си ми“ /director Nikolay Skerlev/.
2013 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Duet song of the year – „Кой ще му каже/Boi tegali li“ with Avi Benedi.
2014 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Ballade hit of the year – “Love me”„Обичай ме“ with Boris Dali.
2014 – TV “Planeta” Annual awards – Folklore album of the year “Ah, beautiful Bulgaria” „Ех, Българийо красива“.
2018 – The 1 Exclusive Lifestyle Awards – Duet of the year “How to sober up” „Как да изтрезнея“
2018 – Annual Music Awards folkplus.bg – Ballade song of the year “Forever” „Завинаги“
2019 – The 1 Exclusive Lifestyle Awards – Duet of the year “I like such” „По такива си падам“
2020 – Annual Music Awards folkplus.bg – Duet of the year “Shark / Go away” „Акула/Тръгвай си
2020 – Annual Music Awards folkplus.bg – Video clip of the year “Shark / Go away” „Акула/Тръгвай си“
2021 – Annual Music Awards folkplus.bg – 2020 international hit “DJEALE”